Cooling patch for fever

fever Cooling patch

Hydrogel Fever Reducing Cooling Patch

Functions :

  1. Cooling, Reducing fever
  2. Relief toothache,headache
  3. Relief sunburn
  4. Relief tiredness, sleep and daze. Let you refreshed
  5. Protect people from heat stroke in summer



Active Ingredients:

Hydrophilic and macromolecule material, mint, ice sheet , water.

Product Structure:

Back lining: non-woven Fabric

Middle Gel: hydrophilic macromolecule gel

Protective film: Transparent Film

Size: 5*7cm, 4*11cm, 5*12cm

Color: Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow

Directions —Convenient to use

  1. Open the bag and take out of the patch
  2. Peeling away the protective film
  3. Clean and dry the skin
  4. Place the Cool Patch on the forehead, back of the neck or other places you want to


  1. Use each Cool Patch for as long as needed but use only once.
  2. Works without refrigeration. You can also use them with other medicines.




  1. Do not apply patch to sensitive skin, positions around eyes and mouth
  2. Possible sickness or skin reddening during use will disappear after use
  3. Do not apply to hair, eyebrow, left chest and area with perspiration
  4. When used on very young children, use only under adult supervision
  5. Gel goes watery, viscosity increases under high temperature, this is normal


  1. If some gel is left on skin, just wipe it


1.Store it in dark, cool and dry place without direct sunlight

2.Can achieve better efficacy after it is stored in cold chamber

(do not freeze it)



Package Details

  1. Bag Package, 1pc each bag



  1. Box Package

4pcs each box 6pcs each box




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