warming womb menstrual cramp patch


menstrual womb warmer patch.jpg

Warm Womb Patch

For Menstrual Cramp Relief




How Warm Womb Patch works

*Menstrual Cramps or backache are commonly caused by tighten of the uterine muscles.

*Heat therapy works by relaxing the muscles and thus easing pain

*Warm Womb Patch provides natural heat without additional medication. It steadily produce heat over a long time, so you can constant relief and comfort for the rest of the day



100% natural heat therapy, a non-intrusive way to relax muscles and ease pain. Discreet and convenient to use even on the go



Name Warm Womb Patch for menstrual cramp relief
Size 10*10cm
Color Pink
Weight 30 Gram
Ingredients Iron Powder, Carbon, Pure Water, Resin, Salt, Trace Elements and Various Natural Plant extract
Packing 1pc into one plastic bag,10 pcs into one box.
Shelf life 3years





Air Activated, Self Adhesive, One Time Use, Instant Heat, Long Lasting




Remove protective film and paste it on your inner cloth instead of skin



Once exposed to air, the Warm Womb patch starts to heat up. Please do not open the bag until use.

Apply it to the cloth instead of skin to avoid allergy and scald.



Keep it under seal in cool and dry place.







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